Alt Summit – My Information Overload….Shared!

I’m happy to report that as of this morning I’ve officially come out of my Alt Summit coma.

Let me set the picture to explain:
I’m about to leave for work, Christoph is still in bed in his sleepy morning haze and I go over to give him a kiss goodbye (a routine morning)

“Bye babe, have a good day!” – Stacy
“You finally did your hair!?!”- Christoph
“Yeah I know, 5 days later and I’m out of my Alt coma.”- Stacy

No joke, I haven’t had the motivation to really get ready for work until this AM. Too tired, too overwhelmed by my to-do list, too much swag to unpack!!!! But I’m finally feeling refreshed!

Now that we got that out of the way…….While I was at Alt I took notes during each of the seminars. I’m a write it down or forget it type person. Looking back at my notes, I realized there was a lot of really great information and inspirational one-liners that I thought people could benefit from.*

So here we go! These are my Notes from Alt Summit

I hope you find them to be useful! I know I’ll be referring back to them on a regular basis!

*Red text were my favorite lines from the seminar

Pictured with from left to right: Meredith, Me, Tabitha, Colleen, Michelle

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  1. The New Diplomat's Wife

    so cool and very helpful – btw, how did you get this to link to a pdf file elsewhere? i have been trying to figure that out for months! 😉

  2. Hello Cupcake

    I use http://www.keepandshare.com to share pdf’s 🙂 Great site!

  3. thethankfulheart

    Thanks, thanks. I was just wishing I were at the Alt with you and all those other clever people–so your notes were a real gift–thanks again for passing on the highlights.

  4. Liz - So Much to Smile About

    Thanks for the Alt recap! Love hearing all about it and absolutely want to go next year!

  5. Kristy

    You rock, Stacy! I was so bummed that I heard about Alt after it was over. I am so going next year. Thanks for your great notes so I can get started now.

  6. The New Diplomat's Wife

    just realized i never thanked you for the keep and share link – thank you!!!

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