Are you silly? Then go to Pisa, Italy

After our day in in Cinque Terre we headed to Pisa to check out the Leaning Tower and it truly is a site to be seen! 

Pisa Italy Silly Leaning Tower

I know you’ve seen the pictures of people pretending to be holding up the Leaning Tower and you think that you wouldn’t subject yourself to looking so silly until you get there and see that EVERYONE is doing it!

Pisa Italy Silly Leaning Tower

So join in!  We certainly did!  But we are pretty silly on a regular basis and I don’t think that anyone that knows us are surprised by these pictures.

Pisa Italy Silly Leaning Tower

We also climbed to the top of the leaning tower, which was a trip highlight.  Because the tower has such a lean, gravity kicks in making it hard to climb up and a bit scary to climb down.  You’ll feel like you’re walking on sea legs after the climb!

Pisa Italy Silly Leaning Tower

After the climb – we headed to a restaurant which ended up being a trip favorite, the location of which I’ll share later!  Pisa was surprisingly good to us!

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