Big News (so, so excited!)

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Hello Cupcake Public Relations!

Hello Dear Friends,
As you know, in 2008 I officially launched Hello Cupcake LLC as a platform and business to operate under when selling my paper products.  The past four years have been amazing and I’ve truly learned so much as a small business owner.   Hello Cupcake has provided me with many opportunities but it wasn’t until I planned my wedding last year that I saw the vertical that I truly fit into – the wedding industry. 
Previous to this, I had attained a degree in Journalism with a Public Relations emphasis and a minor in Broadcast Communications.   In my professional career I’ve worked in public relations for the technology industry as well as the non-profit industry.  Neither of which were a natural fit for me yet I excelled because I’ll be honest – I’m great at PR.
After much thought I decided to look for a way to combine my love for the wedding industry with my strength in public relations and I landed on Hello Cupcake Public Relations.
It’s with great pleasure that I introduce Hello Cupcake Public Relations – a San Francisco based boutique public relations agency specializing in public relations for the wedding industry.  Through Hello Cupcake Public Relations I will be offering a wide range of services that can be catered to meet the client’s specific needs. 
I realized that much of what I’ve been doing since leaving my full time job is already public relations for the wedding industry.  That said I’m starting off with three amazing clients!
Please make no mistake that Hello Cupcake the paper company is not going anywhere.  I will be honest in saying that I am cutting back on new designs and I am going to be more selective when taking on custom work but there is NO WAY I would ever give that up!  That is my creative outlet.
Hello Cupcake will operate under two separate branches:
Hello Cupcake Creations – The stationery and paper company that you’ve come to know
Hello Cupcake Public Relations – The Public Relations company that you will get to know very soon!
I will be blogging about both companies right here!  I’m incredibly excited about this new venture and I can’t wait to see where this leads!
– Stacy

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  1. Emily @ NewlyWife

    How exciting! Seems like a perfect fit. I hope it is all that you dream it to be.

  2. Savvy in San Francisco

    Congratulations! I’m so excited for your new venture! Coffee REALLY soon! XX

  3. Eli

    Happy for you Stacy, follow your heart and dreams 🙂

  4. CAKE.

    Congratulations Stacy- I think that’s a wonderful next step for you. Can’t wait to hear more as things progress.

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