City Living: Farming on the Fire Escape

PlantPlant1-2Plant3Plant2 As a little girl my bedroom was done in a Beatrix Potter theme. Once I hit my preteens my parents let me choose how to redecorate my bedroom and wouldn’t you know, this wild child choose to have a garden theme bedroom!

Honestly, I don’t know where the passion for gardening came from and tending to plants certainly has never been my forte. Recently I decided to try my hand at growing a few simple vegetables on our fire escape.

I’ve planted tomato, basil and lettuce. We’ll see how this goes. Truth be told, I’m not optimistic, but I will certainly try my best!

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  1. Sarah Doucet

    I love it! I hope you get lots of good vveggies out of your garden!

  2. Savvy in San Francisco

    Do you know there is a girl in SF that has a company called Fire Escape Farms? She sells seed packets and other products for the Fire Escape!

  3. Hello Cupcake

    Melis! SO funny, a friend of mine just sent me their link and then I saw it on your blog! Their stuff is cute!

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