Custom 3-D Wedding Card DIY

I always like to give the couples whose wedding I plan a little something on their wedding day.  I realized that I had run out of congratulations cards and with a wedding coming up the next day, I decided it would be easier (and more fun) to make a custom card using material that I already had on hand!
The card came out really cute and based on your reactions to my Instagram picture, I’d say you guys liked it too!


Material: Computer paper, cardstock paper, decorative paper, washi tape, X-Acto Knife, Tacky Glue, scissors


How To:

– In a word document, choose a font you like and printout the words/shapes you want
– Tape the paper to the cardstock
– Cut out the sides and tops of the letters and shapes (don’t cut out the bottom!)
– Fold the words up
– Trim the decorative paper to be the same size as your card
– Glue the decorative paper to the inside of the card

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