DIY Flowers with Bloominous – Review

Bloominous Review 1Juuuuusssst about every other day, I get a sales pitch in my inbox for “the latest”, “the newest”, “the most exciting thing” to hit the wedding industry.  I always take the time to read it and check out the website and 99% of the time I respond (I think I’m a pretty nice person; but man this get’s time consuming!).  Then you have that >1% rare gem of a pitch that really peaks my interest.  Enter Bloominous.Bloominous Review 2Bloominous allows brides to actually DIY their own wedding flowers without losing their mind and have the “what was I thinking moment”.  You pick the arrangement; they prepare the flowers (de-thorn/pre-cut) and ship them right to your door complete with a step-by-step guide to assemble.Bloominous Review 3While I would still recommend that if at all possible, you leave the flowers to a professional I know not all budgets allow for this so I decided to try out Bloominous and let me tell you, I was impressed. Bloominous Review 4Here’s Why:
– The flowers arrived in pristine condition
– The assortment of flowers was GREAT
– The step-by-step directions were clear and easy to follow
– The arrangement was really easy to put together
– The end result – I was proud of myself (aka – my husband was like “you did that?”)!

Of course there is always room for improvement.

Here’s What (IMHO):
– Insider tips on how to maximize certain flowers you’re working with would be helpful: Ex. Roses should be “fluffed out” a little to maximize their beauty
– You’re going to need floral shears – they should sell those as an add on

Bottom line, I was really impressed with Bloominous and I will personally be using them for small dinner parties and small events in the future where I don’t have the budget to leave it to a professional!

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