DIY Party Decor for New Years Eve

Each year since we’ve lived in San Francisco we’ve thrown a New Year’s Eve party.  I love just about any excuse to don a fancy party dress and catch up with friends – and the fact that I don’t even have to leave my house?  Well that’s just the icing on the cake!  Last year was my first year to go all out with the décor and I’m still shocked at how popular  (nearly 300 pins!) the DIY décor template has become!

This year I decided to stick with a similar game plan – Low budget (under $20), easy to recreate, and of course looks pretty!


A lot of what I used, was repurposed from last year.  This included the Happy New Year letters and all of the numbers – except for the 3 of course!


All of the décor was completed in just a few hours and all of the food is store bought because let’s be honest: I am not crafty in the kitchen.


Backdrop DIY:



– Two Yards of Black Fabric (I used this as the backdrop)
– Cardstock (Letters)
– Roll of wrapping paper (mine is from HERE)
– X-Acto Knife
– Painters Tape
– Glue Dots
– Cutting Mat
How To:
– Tape the wrapping paper in place to your cutting mat
– Use the painters tape to create a shape (everything covered by tape will remain)
– Cut with your X-Acto knife
– Once completed, adhere to the fabric with the glue dotsHope you have a wonderful New Year!  I’ve got something very exciting in the works which is why the blog has been so quiet the last few months!

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