DIY Wedding Escort Window

I love the look of antique windows when used as escort cards at weddings – and if you’ve looked on pinterest you’ve probably seen a number of these windows too. What I don’t like is when the final look is sloppy. Messy uneven handwriting that is trying to look fancy is just not my jam.Window1FI had the opportunity to make a few of these last wedding season for a few of the weddings that I planned and came up with a really easy idea to make them easily and have the final result look good.window2FLay the wording out and design a simple logo on your computer! Print out the sheets, tape them in place and trace them with a chalk pen! Easy.  Once you have them laid out, it’s near impossible to mess up since you are just tracing.

 If you’re interested in having me create a custom wedding window for your wedding contact me!

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