DIY Wooden Bead Gum Ball Necklace

I love simple DIY projects that don’t take much time to complete or call for difficult to find material.  This painted wooden bead necklace was the perfect evening project and it also makes for a great last minute holiday gift!DIY wooden bead gum ball necklaceNecklace2FMaterial:_DSC0622F– Wooden Beads (I found mine at Michaels)

– White Twine

– Acrylic Paint

– Paintbrush

– Painters Tape

– Straw

_DSC0603F 1.) String your wooden beads on the straw (you may need to squish the straw a bit to make the beads fit).  This will help to keep your fingers paint free and the beads free from finger smudges

2.) Paint your beads and let them dry

3.) Cover half of your bead with painters tape and paint the exposed half with a different color (I only painted four out of five beads with a second color)

4.) Let the beads dry and remove the tape

5.) String your beads on the twine and tie a knot at the end once you’ve determined your desired length

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  1. Savvy in San Francisco

    Very cute and easy!! Happy Holidays!! XX

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