Easy Caramel Apple DIY

Lately I’ve had a serious sweet tooth and those gorgeous granny smiths were just calling my name!Apple1

Caramel apples are a great make ahead treat that can be given to guests, served at a party or just a little Saturday afternoon snack if you’re like me.

Material Needed:

          Granny Smith Apples (tip- look for apples that don’t tilt)

          Soft Caramel Chews (around 1/3 pound per apple)

          Toppings (tip- ice cream stores sell toppings which saves $ and you get a better assortment!)

          Lollipop Sticks

          Wax Paper



          Remove the stem and wash and dry your apples

          Hammer the lollipop stick through the center of the apple

          In a saucepan, melt your caramel on a super low heat stirring constantly (be patient so as not to burn it)

          Once the caramel is ready, roll your apple through the hot caramel coating all sides

          Immediately pour toppings over the outside of the apple

          Place on wax paper to dry

The process was fairly simple but I might try adding milk next time to make the caramel a bit thinner. 

FYI- Don’t touch the caramel before it has had a chance to dry.  It gets hotter than it looks and my finger sure would have appreciated this tip.  Ouch!  

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