Fashionably MADE: Blue Dress

It has been a while since I sat down with my sewing machine! I absolutely love my latest Fashionably MADE outfit! Easy Fashionably Made DIY Blue Dress
Easy Fashionably Made DIY Blue DressDress-Stacy, Necklace-Kate Spade, Shoes-Harajuku Lovers

I had spent most of the past Sunday afternoon moping around after the hard drive on my Mac crashed for the second time……since I bought it in April. Yeah, wiped clean again. Luckily I had backed up in the past few weeks and the guy at the Mac store was super helpful (he probably noticed that I was on the verge of tears).

Anyway, since I was computer less on Sunday evening I decided to pull out some fabric and see what I could whip up. The dress was EXTREMELY easy to make. I made it to fit loose and pulled it in with a tied bow out of the same material. Literally, this took me less than two hours to cut and sew because the material is a non fraying cotton jersey so I left all the ends unfinished!

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Oh, and P.S. – go back up your computer now!

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  1. Amanda

    this is so joan holloway! love it!

  2. Emily @ NewlyWife

    So cute! Did you go off of a pattern? I have some jersey that I’ve been wanting to make something with…

  3. Mere

    Love, love, love this dress!! sooo pretty!

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