Go With The Flow and See Where it Takes You


This surprise hating not so go-with-the-flow gal has decided to relax, let loose and go with the flow (for once).  Where are we headed?  I don’t know! But what I do know is that my birthday is this week and Christoph is planning a little overnight get-a-way!
Using my super sharp detective skills this is what I’ve been able to deduce thus far:
1.)    It’s driving distance from San Francisco
2.)    Ginger is not coming
3.)    I think I need to pack something a little fancy (C bought a new sports coat last week and mentioned that he could wear it for my bday!)
Ok, ok, as you can see, I know nothing!!!!!!
If I were to guess, these are some of the possibilities I came up with:
1.) Lake Tahoe
2.) Wine Country
3.) Big Sur
4.) Safari West (An “African Safari” in Napa? Yes please!  I mentioned a LONG time ago that I wanted to go here.)
Any other spots within driving distance from the city that I may have missed?  Considering how much I despise surprises, I’m actually pretty darn excited about this one!

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