Goooooo Team!

I’m not a huge sports fan. This is mainly because of the amount of time Christoph spends focusing on sports. I’m just slightly resentful.

However….because Christoph is a sports fan and a long time San Francisco Giants fan I hear every game. Basically it’s on the tv – I am focused on something else – Christoph watches, cheers, yells and sometimes scares me with how into it he gets.

So last week when I got to go to one of the final games for the NL West division as part of my job he was slightly jealous. When I say jealous, I mean he was over the top, wished he could be me for a day jealous. That’s right.

To top it off, before the game I got to do some really cool things!

I got to go down on the field.This is me, right in front of home plate.

Oh, and I met…..Johnny Knoxville. That’s right, he’s a fan of the Stace.

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