Hello, I’m Stacy.


While at Alt Summit I gave out a bunch of business cards and since you may be new to this space I thought it would be fun to do a quick “Hello, I’m Stacy and here’s what I’m about” post because let’s face it if it’s your first time here you’re probably trying to size me up so let me make it easy for you.

– I’m 29 – currently in the process of planning my Price is Right 30th birthday party (like the actual Price is Right, not a Price is Right theme)

– I work in the wedding industry: I’m a wedding planner for this company and I am a wedding publicist for this company

– Because those two jobs aren’t enough, I’m a shoot producer and crafter for Oh Happy Day

– I have an Etsy Shop

DIYs are my jam.

– My dog Ginger is rad and I really, really, really want to post a ton of Instagram pics of her but I have self control.

– I’m married to Christoph.  He’s nice and thankfully puts up with my antics.

So welcome!  I’m happy that you stopped by and hope you’ll visit often.

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  1. Ana Kamin

    I hope you had fun at Alt Summit. 🙂 This is a nice idea for a post. From time to time just say hello to new readers. 🙂

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