Here I Go Again: Hunger Challenge

Either I’m crazy, passionate or I like a good challenge*. For the second year in a row, I’ve signed up to take part in the San Francisco Food Bank Hunger Challenge. I am going to living on a food stamp budget for one week (9/11-9/17). That’s just $4.72 a day for my entire food and drink budget which is the average amount that California food stamp recipients have to spend on food.Why am I doing this challenge you ask?
Because 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 5 kids here in San Francisco are at risk of hunger. Shocking right? The challenge is about walking in someone else’s shoes for just a week. Gaining a better understanding as to why it’s important to help support those who can’t feed themselves on a food stamp budget alone.

I plan to share my daily experiences, budget conscious recipes, thoughts and likely express my bad mood right here on my blog.

Think it’s going to be easy? Then sign upand try it yourself! I thought it would be a breeze last year and boy did I learn my lesson.

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There are over 200 people signed up to participate in the Hunger Challenge, including some of my friends in the media world like Brock from the SFist, Juliette from CBS 5 and KGO news 810 AM. Be sure to tune in to see how they cope with living on a Food Stamp budget.

*Personally, I think I’m a little bit of all three.

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