How To: Chalk Board Frame

I’m always looking for solutions that fit into my life. Because of our different schedules Christoph and I don’t get to eat dinner together every night. I’ll cook dinner, stick it in the fridge, go to bed, he gets home and eats a frozen meal because he didn’t know that I had made dinner.Solution! I made chalk board frames that are cute enough to have out all the time. I can change up what’s written based on what I’ve made for dinner. This way he’ll know to eat it!Material Needed:
– Chalk board contact paper (HERE)
– Frame
– ScissorsCut out a piece of the contact paper to fit the size of your frame. My frame was 5×7” and the back of the contact paper has ruler lines that you can follow for cutting.Either peel off the backing of the contact paper or fold back the four corners to expose the sticky part. I decided to only expose the corners to make it easier to apply the contact paper to the glass.Affix the contact paper to the glass and put the frame back together with the chalk board side facing out.Hang in your kitchen or wherever you’d like and enjoy!

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    Very Cute! Great idea!

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