How To: DIY Gold Gilded Boarder

Gold Gilded Boarder Invitation DIYGold Gilded Boarder Invitation DIY
I recently finished a set of invitations for a dear friend of mine. She’s getting married this fall at San Francisco City Hall. In coming up with the concept for her invitations she knew that she wanted something very simple with a fun element or two. 

I decided to do a gold gilded boarder on her invitations, as her colors are white, black and gold! The process to DIY a Gilded Boarder is fairly simple: 

Material Needed: 

– Ink Pad (one pad for every 30-40 invitations) 
– Invitations (I used Crane Paper because of its thickness) 

How To: 

– Have your invitations professionally cut so they are all exactly the same (Kinkos is around $1.25 per cut) 
– Hold 25 invitations at a time and rub the outside edges along your stamp pad 
– Continue till you’ve covered all edges 
– Let it dry! Be patient. Seriously, don’t touch! 

P.S. – Learn from my mistake. I originally tried to use gold spray paint to cover the edges and it bled in and looked uneven. So I had to reprint all the invitations because I thought it looked too messy. I wouldn’t recommend spray paint!

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