How To: Upcycle Your Old Jeans into Shorts

I loved those jeans. I bought them at an H&M in Germany back in 2005 when I was on a backpacking trip across Europe with two of my best girlfriends. I’ve worn them at least once a week since so it’s fair to say that I’ve gotten my use out of them.Shorts1FWhile dancing with my two year old nephew a few weeks ago, I ripped a hole in the knee (my moves are awesome). But I wasn’t quite ready to part ways with them and last week when putting together this outfit inspiration; I had the idea to turn the pants into rolled shorts. Shorts2FHow to Upcycle Old Jeans into Cuffed Shorts: 

1.) Figure out how long you want the shorts to be after they are cuffed (I wanted 4 inches from the bottom of the zipper)
2.) While wearing the pants, hold a ruler at the bottom of the zipper evenly across both legs and make a line on each side with chalk
3.) Measure down 3 inches and make another line with chalk on each side
4.) Measure down another 3 inches and make another line with chalk on each side
5.) Lay the pants on the floor and cut in a strait line meeting the very bottom chalk line on each pant leg
6.) Roll the pant legs up 1 inch and then repeat
7.) Once you have the length of shorts you want, iron down the folds
8.) With a needle and thread, stitch the cuffed portion a few times

And then wear them with pride! Those old pants now have new life and I’m hopeful that I will have them for another 7 years! Shorts3F

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  1. courtney

    those look awesome! think i will have to try :):)

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