Rude Little Sucker

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketI move like molasses when it comes to decorating my house (we’ve been here almost three years and many walls are still bare) but eventually I’ll give you guys a real tour. In the meantime, my collection of indoor plants has been increasing in size as of late! A few weeks back I showed you my mini garden and I’m happy to report that my vegetables are doing awesome!

My indoor plants have also been thriving for some time now. I’ve got orchids and succulents, including that jerk on the bottom that I consider to be my little weirdo plant. I bought it when it was tiny (think normal succulent that was about 1 inch tall) and now that bad boy is about 6 inches tall! It lives in a pot that is really too small for its size and yet it just continues to grow. It’s as if it’s giving me the bird every day. I love that silly plant.

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