The Backstory to the Pegboard Backdrop

Pegboard 1It’s funny when and where inspiration can strike – I was headed home from a Warriors basketball riding on BART and perusing twitter when I saw the word “Winnapeg”…evidently, a city in Canada.  For some reason the letters “PEG” caught my eye “WinnaPEG” and from there, an idea was born.  Totally weird and random right?

In any case, something clicked and my most intensive and awesome DIY was in motion.  I figured out the size pegboard I wanted to use (8×4 feet), came up with a design plan, figuring out colors, figured out the number of golf tee’s I would need, and doing math.  Yes, actually, a lot of math.

Once I had the plans in place, I hand painted each of the pegs.  Over 2,000 in case you were wondering.Pegboard 2Two days before the shoot, my husband and I went to the shoot location and built the pegboard backdrop.  It took us around 8 hours (I could do it faster now having figured out a few things)…..but yeah, two people 8 hours.  In the end, it was worth it.  But holy toledo. Pegboard 3So you’re probably wondering.  “Where is the pegboard backdrop now”?

The answer? The trash.

Immediately after the shoot wrapped, we snapped it in half, wrapped it in tarp and took it to a junkyard.  A sad ending to a really awesome piece, but honestly, it was so big and awkward that in the end, it just had to happen.

See the pegboard backdrop in all its glory on Green Wedding Shoes!

P.S. – As a small business owner, having a supportive husband is EVERYTHING.  Thank you my love for all of your help to bring my crazy idea to life.  Couldn’t have done it without you!

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