Then and Now

Plant1-3FPlant2-1FPlant3-1FI’ve been enjoying my fire escape garden and by that I mean, I’m OBSESSED with my fire escape garden! We’ve been having home made bruschetta on the regular and soon, I’ll be making a salad out of those beautiful baby greens!

 It has been so fun to watch the plants grow and I’m strongly considering buying more pots to expand my garden! I’ll be keeping you updated on the progress.

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  1. Mere

    I am sooo jealous!!! Those are looking beautiful Stace!!

  2. candice newman

    Your fire escape garden definitely inspires me! Hopefully my pitiful little dill weed will take off so I don’t have to keep buying more at the grocery store to add to the minuscule amount that I have produced! Ha!Ha!

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