Three Year San Francisco-aversary

Today marked our three-year anniversary of living in San Francisco (whoa)!  Before moving here I had been dating Christoph for two years, was living alone in this Laguna Beach studio and I had never lived in a town with a population above 65,000 people.  I was absolutely terrified at the idea of living in a city but I decided to go for it anyway.


Today, I just can’t see our lives anywhere else.  I love San Francisco. 
Here are a few reasons why this city is so special to me:

Favorite San Francisco Moment: Giants World Series Parade

Favorite Night in San Francisco: When we got engaged
Favorite places to eat in San Francisco: Sandwich, Burrito, Pizza, French, Italian
An lastly, this SF Chronicle Editorial which sums it all up.

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  1. Emily @ NewlyWife

    I love Tony’s! I’m in the East Bay and he had a restaurant out here, but it recently closed. Guess that means I’m going to have to cross the bridge more often to get my fix. 🙂

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