Thursdays Are For Lovers

ThursdayPhotobucketLast year when I was trying to figure out what to give Christoph for our “day of the wedding gift” I racked my brain trying to come up with something perfect. He loves….LOVES sports and having grown up in San Francisco the Giants truly are his favorite team (win or lose).

After the Giants won the World Series fans were able to purchase a personalized engraved brick to be laid at AT&T park. I bought one and personalized it with:

Christoph & Stacy
(Last Name)
EST. 07-03-2011

Our wedding date. Last Thursday we went to go visit the brick together. It was both of our first times to see it. Even though he had been to games this season, he had waited to see if for the first time with me. IMHO Thursdays truly are for lovers.

Why are Thursdays Are for Lovers? In Christoph’s line of work there really are no weekends. He works random days and even more hours. Back in January, when I was working at an office job full time, I cut back to working four days a week so I could spend more time with him (we had been going days and days without seeing each other). I choose to have Thursdays off because Christoph normally had that off and it became our special day of the week to spend with one another.

We still treat Thursdays as our special day even though I work from home now which is why I decided to start the “Thursdays Are For Lovers” series.

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