TSLE Launch Party Kits

Party-Hat-1Party-Hat-2-copyOk, truth – I spent an absurd amount of time trying to come up with ideas on how to announce that the They So Loved website had launched.  But hey, brainstorming and sketching is all part of my creative process.

In the end, I decided to go with these miniature disco ball party hats!  I kinda love them.  I put together around 40 launch kits and sent them out to my industry friends and family.

The thing that I’ve enjoyed most about the entire project is seeing what people come up with and shared once they got the party hats in the mail!  Oh man, bunnies, cats, dogs, adorable kiddo’s…..even an iced coffee!

Image One: Heart, Bunny, Cat, Goodies
Image Two: Collage, Ginger
Image Three:  Coffee, Symphony, Charlotte, Collection

P.S. – I shot a DIY to make the party hat’s yesterday and it will be shared on one of my favorite DIY and party blogs soon!  Can’t wait!!!!!

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