United Words Project: Nevada

In life, there are friends you call when you have certain needs. Robin and Olivia are two of my very best friends who I’ve known for 10+ years now and they’ve been there through the thick and the thin. But, if I’m looking to plan a trip or a weekend getaway, these are my go to girls. We’ve traveled the world together, the three of us. I believe we are up to nine countries that the three of us have hit up together. This year, we are planning another little rendezvous… Vegas! I can’t wait to spend a few days pool side with my girls catching up. The three of us span three states, so it’s not often that we can get together these days. Because I’ve got Vegas on the brain, I decided to take on Nevada for this weeks United Words Project!This year I’ve set out to map all 50 US States with text! This is state 7 of 50.

State 1: California
State 2: Texas
State 3: New York
State 4: Utah
State 5: New Mexico
State 6: Florida

Nevada card available for purchase HERE

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