United Words Project: New Mexico

I was a junior in high school when we moved to Texas in 1999 from California (you can imagine how fun that was). I stayed in Texas for college because I could pay the in state residency cost of tuition. Shortly after graduating in 2005, my Dad had a job transfer that took him to New Mexico. By that time I had moved myself back to California so it didn’t affect me. I wasn’t so excited about visiting New Mexico. I thought it would be a total snooze fest actually. I was wrong. Visits in the summer would consist of boating trips and visits in the winter would involve a trip to a local mountain for some snowboarding. It was actually on one of those trips to New Mexico where I had the idea for Hello Cupcake!My Dad has since moved out of New Mexico and I will surely miss my visits. Luckily, I do have a bulk supply of Hatch Green Chili sitting in my pantry should I ever need my New Mexico fix.This year I’ve set out to map all 50 US States with text! This is state 5 of 50.

State 1: California
State 2: Texas
State 3: New York
State 4: Utah

New Mexico card is available for purchase HERE

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