United Words Project: Oregon

You thought the United Words Project was going away because I missed a week!?! No, I would never do that to you! I got a little behind while prepping for our trip to Dubai and I wasn’t able to design a card before leaving. But it’s back in full swing!I choose to map out Oregon this week because I’m keeping a blank map that I color in when I complete a state. It became very evident that Oregon was the last left coast state left! And just like that I’ve mapped out the Pacific Coast line!This year I’ve set out to map all 50 US States with text! This is state 10 of 50.

State 1: California
State 2: Texas
State 3: New York
State 4: Utah
State 5: New Mexico
State 6: Florida
State 7: Nevada
State 8: Kansas
State 9: Washington

Oregon card available for purchase HERE

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