United Words Project: Washington

I’ve only been to Washington once. It was in 2008 and I was there for a business trip. Luckily, Christoph had a few days off so he was able to join me.We spent our time exploring Pike’s place, drinking coffee and ferry boating to Bainbridge Island. The air was crisp and clean and most days we were lucky to have gorgeous weather. I hope to make it back there soon. This year I’ve set out to map all 50 US States with text! This is state 9 of 50.

State 1: California
State 2: Texas
State 3: New York
State 4: Utah
State 5: New Mexico
State 6: Florida
State 7: Nevada
State 8: Kansas

Washington card available for purchase HERE

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  1. Erika Peterson

    You should add UW too, the superior school 🙂

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