Wedding Decor: How To

It’s shocking to learn just how many tables you have to rent for a wedding – I’m not just talking about dinner tables. You’ll need a gift table, dessert table, escort card table, table for the DJ, the list goes on and on.I’m not much of a tablecloth person. I prefer the nicer, natural wood tables then just dressing it up. For our dessert and coffee table, I hand dyed strips of muslin fabric! I must have bought around 8 yards of fabric (muslin is cheap). Tear it into strips (up to you how thick you want them). I wanted a mix of widths. Soak the fabric in water to get it completely wet (so it absorbs the dye evenly)Follow the dying directions on the dye packaging. To get the different shades of color, I dyed the fabric in batches using the same dye water but just adding more water from the sink to dilute the mix.The end result: beautiful, one of a kind fabric that you can use in many different ways.Now that the wedding is over, my Mom is actually in the process of making us a wedding quilt from the hand dyed muslin. How special is that! I can’t wait to see it!

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