Wedding: Escort Cards

Wedding show and tell time!

About a year before the wedding, we started perusing antique fairs just to see what was out there. We started seeing lots of antique skeleton keys and we both loved them and wanted to incorporate them into the wedding.

We started collecting the keys until we had 125 of them! The next challenge was how to display them. I’m a junk yard lover and I first spotted the taller shutters shown above in December and I bought it on the spot. It was made from beautiful mahogany wood and had antique brass hardware.I bought the tags for the keys from Etsy and the twine came from divine twine. I printed on each of the tiny tags (a trick I’m not ready to share, but I make these for other brides/party’s if you’re interested). I made stickers for the back indicating the guests meal choice.

The week of the wedding, Christoph and his brother painted the first set of wood shutters and the second set that I had picked up at the junk yard.

Material Used:
– Skeleton Keys
– Wood Shutters
– Tags
– Divine Twine
– Paint

Top Images by the lovely: Jessamyn Harris

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