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Sarika and Josh’s wedding was a blending of two cultures – his Jewish and her Hindu heritage.  As such, we planned two ceremonies and two receptions to fully celebrate that which makes these two individuals who they are and truly celebrate the coming together of two people and cultures.  The morning ceremony and lunch took place exclusively in the gardens.  The Hindu ceremony also took place in the garden where guests made their way to the cocktail hour on another lawn and then dinner in the ballroom.  The mandap was absolutely breathtaking with vibrant flowers and strung garland.  The bride entered the ceremony space under a custom-made canopy that was carried by her closest friends.  Once the ceremony concluded, guests made their way to cocktail hour and then to the reception which included an extra-long kings table that had a 24’ long canopy of flowers in coral, pink, fuchsia and peach.  The linens were a deep blue color lit with tall taper candles and ivory stoneware. It was a gorgeous and full day that was beautiful from start to finish!

Photographer: Rachel Blackwell